Monica Foster calls Donald Trump a domestic terrorist

This coming from a well documented stalker and psychopath who will never go to the cops about people that she falsely accusess of criminal activity. A psycho who will NEVER appear before a judge with anyone that she falsely accuses of stalking her and who she claims that she fears for her life for.

Foster tweeted Donald Trump, like he would ever respond to her or even pay attention to her, and called him a domestic terrorist. Foster’s domestic terrorist threats are very well documented and she knows it. Threats of violence, death threats, tweets about how she wishes she could kill the kids of her enemies, and even threats of suicide. Foster knows damn well that all of these are well recorded and documented. This is why Foster will never get the cops on anyone for any reason. This is also why Foster will NEVER go before a judge with anyone who states is stalking her and she fears for her life. I wish that she would do it, I would love to see a judge or a police detective react to her psychotic shit! Especially when she can’t back none of her shit up nor prove anything.

Of course that’s fucking hilarious coming from someone who is actually considered a domestic terrorist.



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