Monica Foster calls her mom the N word

More lies by Monica Foster who has been estranged from her family for quite some time but since she wants people to feel sorry for her, she makes things up and goes heavy on the race card and sprinkles in some pedo or sex traffic accusations to try to be shocking.

Recently, she posted a photo of her own mother on her porn themed Twitter feed, a feed in which she has nearly 14,000 fake followers yet no one ever Tweets to her or retweets her posts save for 3 overweight, aging African American nerds. Now, keep in mind that just two days ago she quit Twitter and she’s already back and seemingly spent her entire Saturday posting more of her pedo/racism lies. She sure is obsessed with that topic. I wonder why. Projecting perhaps?

This site has a photo and story or her mother at the top – That shouldn’t be there. By all accounts her mother and father were respectable working professionals and are now retired. They don’t deserve to be dragged into this shit just because their daughter is a walking piece of crap. She will have her day in court and she will lose as she is too poor, arrogant and stupid to hire a real attorney and she thinks she can represent herself against high powered attorneys that know what they’re doing. That is an over the top case of arrogance there folks and she will take a $500,000 lesson come March. It is uncertain if this is on top of the $167k and change she was already hit with in 2016.

Not that this site should cave to this piece of shit, the heat should be kept on and the articles should keep coming. But the mother and father basically told her to fuck off and know what a piece of trash she is, there is no reason to drag them into this.

For the record though, this site never called her mother the n word. You can do a search for proof. For someone who is supposedly anti-racism, Monica Foster sure does like to toss that word around and uses it far more than anyone else does. Her race baiting and victim card are old. Hopefully Judge Bare shocks the world and jails her and bans her from the net for eternity but of course we know that won’t happen. Her black privilege will have her back on the net that night, popping off and lying about attorneys, military men, porn actors, camera men and bloggers.


thats raisit

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