Monica Foster calls us “Low IQ” while walking right into our trap — Dumb bitch!

This dumb bitch Monica Foster is at it again, reading our site and taking all the bait like the cockroach that she is. She went on one of her usual Friday/Saturday night rants last night. What else would she do on her weekend? Get taken out by a man? Get serious. She is so desperate for male attention that she’s ready to fuck the internet installer and mail man and any other man that comes to her mother’s house. For someone that claims to be smart, she didn’t set the world on fire to be still living off her mother’s social security and retirement funds at age 38.

Tell us something, if we are so low IQ, why does she walk right into our trap every time? Today, she took our bait and finally admitted what she really is. Mission accomplished.


@MonicaFoster Take a look at this bit of hate… Of course you can be be a racist yet still be attracted to a member of the race you hate – lol! #LowIQ

Yes moron, thank you for taking the bait and finally admitting what we already knew – You hate white people, but will only go for white men. We see this a lot now with black bigot leftist women who only go with white men. So who are the real racists? Finally the cat is out of the bag and we got this imbecile to admit it. #LowIQ

As for anyone on this site being attracted to her, You. Aren’t. Attractive. And just claiming you are while refusing to get in shape, dress appropriately and going out of your way to wear giant nerd glasses does not help your cause. Our associates that have met her in person report that she looks even worse without the benefit of Photoshop and perfect lighting and the ability to snap selfies from many different angles. Misty Stone is the gold standard for what we consider to be an attractive black XXX performer and you aren’t in the same league. Does Misty Stone get on Twitter and claim porn discriminated against her? Or bitch non stop about a guy that dumped her a decade ago? She doesn’t have the time because she is endorsing many products and being in demand to appear at adult trade shows not to mention still having a thriving XXX career in front of the camera.

We don’t hate Matty Holder and have been trying to reach him. We’re on his side as he showed that he was unwilling to throw his life away by getting further involved with this dumb bitch and he dropped her in the trash where she belongs and moved on. Now he is married with a child and she still won’t get a life and leave him alone. Furthermore, when he dropped her, she libeled this man and claimed he gave her herpes right out in the open on social media. She even created a nasty cartoon of a shirtless Holder with the word HERPES scribbled across his chest. She is nasty and got herpes on her own and made this up to get back at him. Now that she has been tried and convicted for telling lies about people, these things that she has said about people can be considered #FakeNews

She also keeps saying our articles make her popular but how? We see her live streams that get 0 viewers such as her sad Super Bowl web cast where she ate fried chicken and watched the game alone and her Youtube videos that never crack 100 views. If we’re making her more popular just how much of an unpopular loser was she before we came around?

Please take the time to look at the pinned story on the top of this site and watch the 40 minutes of video that reveal her bigotry. Don’t listen to her play the race card on us before you watch those videos where she unleashes a barrage of horrible anti-Asian racist slurs. She is the racist and it’s all there for you to hear. That’s proof.

Finally, is there anyone more gutless than this piece of shit? She refuses to leave the echo chamber of Twitter and post her thoughts here but she is here reading all the time. She needs the help of her fan bois who – by the way – we notice are all older, heavier and UGLY men. Not a single fit or even average looking man dares to support this nut. Holder was a one off and she will never get someone who looks like that again (And he was only average looking and according to her, had terrible dental hygiene and “Baked Bean Teeth“).


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