Monica Foster can’t handle what she dishes out

Well, well, well, Monica Foster truly got on the defensive this weekend with all the postings about her! It turns out that this “investigative blogger” can’t handle what she dishes out. She tries all that she can to try and ruin peoples lives with her libel and defaming postings on her websites that get little to no traffic and other websites; such as, Let’s not forget with how Foster used to post libel, defaming, and harassing postings on PWL and even, on a daily basis.

Foster HATES being attacked. She attacks people for their weight, their physical features, their jobs, and everything else about them, yet when it comes back on her, she can’t handle it and she shows it. Karma is a bitch, Fostard!

The difference between what Foster post about people and what we post about her, is that we’re all able to prove that she’s a failure, a psycho, and a danger to others. Foster’s so-called evidence consist of using peoples pictures without their permission and a bunch of words.

Let’s not forget, Foster had called Tompkins a couple of times and asked him to stop writing about her and they go their separate ways. Foster continues to FAIL to hurt people with all her libel and all her bullshit postings, yet everyone keeps hurting her with their truthful postings about her.


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