Monica Foster can’t leave it alone, and so the articles will resume

JOHN LOCHER/LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Fans pose with porn actresses Sienna West, right, and Rachel Roxx, second from left, at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Friday, Jan. 20, 2012.

Monica Foster has fucked up again. We try to be nice to her and offer to leave her alone for 2 months and then she goes and screws it up within 1 day. The articles about Monica Foster will resume here at starting with this one and the dormant The Monica Foster Files will return shortly. This series pulls blog entries straight from her pathetic and sad account of her life with no additions needed from us. It is that depressing.

The reason for continuing with the articles is her harassment of innocent parties and meddling in others business. When she finally unlocked her @MonicaFoster account after we forced her to go private some time ago, we see that she is harassing potential AEE attendees and “warning” performers ahead of that show next week. Keep in mind that she did this the evening of her 38th birthday instead of being out with family members, friends or romantic interests. When will this woman get a life? The AEE will go on without her and she can’t stop it.

If she wants to go to this so bad, she could have gotten a press credential and gone for free. And it isn’t like she needs to travel there like so many others as she lives in town. The only things keeping her away is her social anxiety, inferiority complex and lack of balls.

And so the show will go on, none of her enemies will be banned from attending and she will continue being a shut in. If anyone here is going, just remember that somewhere out in the suburbs of Las Vegas somewhere, away from all the hotels and nightclubs is an aging 38 year old woman basically being held hostage by an elderly and wealthy man that she fucks just to keep a roof over her head. She hates every minute of it being.

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