Monica Foster comes TOTALLY UNHINGED – Writes long suicide note, claims to love Sean Tompkins!

Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers just published a boring mini novel sized suicide note complete with her typical ageist, racist, child porn obsessed crap and she has also in recent days blamed people in and around porn for the alleged rape of her sister. This woman is completely gone mentally. This is by far the sickest, most desperate cry for attention yet. To her credit, she admitted that she is back living with her parents or being supported by them and that she is a complete and total broke failure loser with <$200 in the bank and another $167,000 – soon to be $500,000 in debts. She also admitted that her future is bleak with zero employment or romantic prospects. Perhaps her most wacky statement is that she may be in love with Sean Tompkins.

Also discussed was her bizarre plan to live out of a van while traveling the country. This is a woman that cannot live without wifi and cell phone service, there is absolutely no way she would be able to rough it living out of a van. Where would she take her bathroom selfies? Where would her nude web camming take place? More importantly, where would the money come from to fund such a trip?

It is uncertain why she keeps lying about quitting working on web cam. She just logged into Streamate this past week and has been on web cam on every major holiday recently, even Christmas Eve and day. She has a need to be nude on web cam for complete strangers. She needs it. She loves the attention. She craves it.

During the long winded pity party, bloggers also get blamed for her shitty love life. How is this anyone’s fault but her own? When you whore yourself out for everyone to see, there is no reason for anyone to date you. They can simply log onto the net, watch your porn, jerk off and be done with it. There is no reason to wine and dine you when they can have you for free. The Matty Holder debacle went bad before a lot of this stuff was ever posted online. Mayers and Mayers alone is at fault for that situation.

And this god crap is really getting old and must stop. Mayers is not religious or she wouldn’t even consider suicide – She would visit a church for guidance. She is an evil, nasty woman that is full of racism and hate, don’t let her fake religious act fool you. The problem is that when she attacks someone and they hit back she likes to play the victim instead of taking her lumps. Stop using god to cover your ass – He doesn’t exist.

We will not encourage Ms. Mayers to off herself because she would never do it and if we have fun with this she will just screen cap it and claim we are pushing her to suicide. Bullshit. She has cried wolf too many times. She would never even try as she is too vain to harm herself and end up potentially disfigured or handicapped. While it is true that she should never have been born due to her dad being gay she’s here now and she may as well make the best of it. Stop complaining and help yourself. Yes, close your shitty blogs, social media accounts and stop making shitty music and explore other options. You are bad at sex too – Stop performing nude on web cam and over the phone. You are a cold fish in bed. Seek counseling if needed but just stop your pity party.


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