Monica Foster Continues to Deceive Herself

Well, obviously Monica Foster saw her recent posting about the picture that she had posted last night. In anger, Foster decided to tweet stupid shit trying to prove that she’s worth something when she ain’t shit! Don’t forget, this is the same loser who in early October of last year, she had spent the entire weekend posting on PWL and arguing with the members about how popular she is! It started on Friday approx 5:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. NON-STOP talking about how popular she is. She then spent the remainder of that weekend comparing herself to being as popular as Tori Black.

Well, as we all know, when Foster post a selfie and says something stupid, we have to make fun of her because she solicited it. Two nights in the row, Foster has proven how unattractive she is and that she’s poor by wearing a $10 shirt from Wal-Mart (a business that has helped ruin America), and then she said that she gets more publicity than the top porn contract stars! REALLY???!!!


Foster BOUGHT her YouTube views

Foster BOUGHT her 13K Twitter followers who NEVER respond to her

Foster has made about a dozen return to porn announcements and she hasn’t gotten not ONE job offer

Foster gets no mainstream exposure, except in a German paper that no one has ever heard of

She STILL STILL STILL can’t accept the fact that she was NEVER a pornstar! She NEVER got pornstar pay, none of the top agencies wanted to represent her, the Luxury Companion NEVER wanted to pimp her out.

The only Twitter followers that ever respond to her is Barry and Desi. Even Sunset Thomas and Jennifer O’Kane has stopped.

Foster doesn’t get any offers for interviews, publishing’s, or anything else from any PROFESSIONAL and TOP media outlets.

This could go on for a long time, but as we all know, Foster is a major loser and its so much fun making fun of her. Her only reason to exist is so that people can make fun of her. She is a fucking loser!

Look at her selfies, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why hot and successful men pay her no attention and why her body hasn’t helped her make a good living.





    • Are you sure all 3,600 that Google ‘Monica Foster’ looking for information about the whore because there are businesses with that name too. Maybe the searches are looking for the businesses rather than the hooker that goes by that name.

  1. BTW the top CONTRACT stars are under contract and are paid a certain amount to perform in a certain number of scenes plus money from any products they endorse like say Misty Stone for Fleshlight, etc. Even if this dumb whore were to get more publicity, she makes NO money off of her worthless projects so at the end of the day it doesn’t mean shit. She’s homeless for fucks sake and almost $200k in debt. Her ‘publicity’ won’t buy her way out of that.

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