Monica Foster continues to violate copyright laws

Monica Foster

Monica Foster sure is pissed! She recently created a ripoff of Obviously she thinks that this will help her in some kind of way with how people post FACTUAL stories about her to help prevent people from associating with a psychopath.

What’s funny is that she cries about people violating DMCA laws when they use her pictures and screen cap her blogs, yet she has no issues violating these same laws. Don’t listen to her when it comes to laws, she’s in over $167,000 in legal debt!

Foster created a new character for her website, Mene Gene Ross, maybe we should contact the WWE so that they can know how Foster violated trademark laws of her new character that ripoff from Mean Gene Okerland, the famous ring announcer. That’ll be cool, another lawsuit against her that she can’t win.

Oh well, Fostet owns several websites and they all have the same stupid shit. Go to Alexa and you’ll see that her websites get 0-10 views/day. The only time anyone sees her stupid shit is when she contacts people like that website in Germany, but then they forget all about her.

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