Monica Foster CRIES to CNN & they don’t care

Over the years, we have witnessed Monica Foster tweet her stupid shit to important people and she always gets ignored! People including the Clintons, the Obama’s, the Trumps, Isadore Hall, CNN, and so many more. Even more important, is that Foster will address her Twitter followers for hours non-stop and none of them will ever respond. Even her open supporters that include Barry Nelson, Sunset Thomas, Jennifer O’Kane, and others won’t openly acknowledge not support her anymore.

Recently Monica Foster cried to Twitter and CNN about her phone conversation with Donny Long. For some reason, Foster keeps throwing Marc Randazza into the fued when she’s unable to prove that he had any involvement. Foster keeps blogging and making YouTube vids that Randazza is involved with her and Donny’s fued, but where’s the evidence? During the whole litigation against her, Foster had filed some of the most idiotic pleadings to the court to try to win against Randazza. Attorney Ronald D Green who represents Jennifer Randazza, keeps filings motions demanding that Foster provide EVIDENCE!

Despite the stupid shit that Foster keeps saying about how her shit is on official court record, that doesn’t mean jack shit!

This is why Foster is nicknamed FOSTARD because she’s a retard!


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  1. She calls herself the n word more than anyone else does. The race card gets real old. The shit she gets has more to do with the fact that she’s an asshole than any racial issues.

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