Monica Foster: “Did Nica Noelle recently test positive for Syphilis?”

I’m staying out of this discussion, but if what Foster’s saying is true, it would explain why Nica Noelle was lavish in her praise of Mr. Marcus and lobbed softballs at him when they did an interview last year after it was learned that he had syphilis.

Here’s what Foster is saying:

Here’s an interesting tidbit that came out of that Noelle interview which was printed by XBiz, Nica Noelle writes: “In the weeks that followed, Marcus would continue to puzzle over the spots on his hand – and to perform in adult films. He made no connection between what he thought were symptoms of “stress,” and his job as an adult film performer. He had a recent, clean test from Talent Testing Services obtained on June 13, which would remain valid until July 13. He used that test to perform during this time period.”

TTS’ Sixto Pacheco announced immediately afterwards: “We have list of all his testing…he did not test with us in June, period.”

Here’s what I wrote about the Marcus interview: – You’ve got enough blogs doing suck-up porn interviews as it is. You don’t need another one.

But Nica Noelle managed just fine last week by allowing Mr. Marcus to run, like a stallion, unfettered and free on the wild western plains of discrepancy.

At some points, though, the Marcus piece was pure Harlequin romance.

Writes Noelle: “After the scandal broke, Marcus retreated to his south bay home to reflect on what may be the end of an uncommonly successful career in adult films.

“‘I’ve never spent this much time at home, just looking out at the ocean,’ he said. ‘I’m trying to find peace in all this.’”

I could almost imagine Marcus wistfully looking out to sea, wearing a pirate shirt baring his chest, playing Jimmy Buffett tunes while saying all this.

You could tell though, Nica, as a writer, was into her subject too much for comfort. And when that happens, there’s usually a hemorrhage where objectivity is concerned. ‘Cause all it did in the end was close the casket on Mr. Marcus.

Marcus in that interview told the biggest fib of the year so far, that he tested for Syphilis in June with Talent Testing Services. TTS was quick to refute the statement, and you got to think with all the slander, there’s gotta be no love lost between Sixto Pacheco and Diane Duke.

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