Monica Foster DONE – Permanent injunction granted to the Randazzas!

Well, Monica Foster lost in court to the Randazzas last week and the case is closed. She was not there to see it live as she was either too gutless to show up to the courthouse or she’s back in Florida living with mama and couldn’t travel for the court date.

Either way, the permanent injunction was granted and she’s looking at criminal charges if she continues to pop off at her fag hole. She has, not coincidentally, locked down all her Twitter feeds – which should have been disallowed by the judge as now she can say whatever she wants unchecked without penalty – and she has also begun editing titles of her YouTube videos, removing some of them and some have been pulled by the site.

She has also halted production of her live shows. She is still whoring herself out on Streamate and probably NiteFlirt and Skype but a whore’s gotta to what a whore’s gotta do I guess. Congratulations to everyone involved in shutting down this worthless cunt.


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