Monica Foster Double Standards is Comical

For the last decade, fake Christian Monica Foster, has stated that webcamming is not porn nor is it prostitution, but it is an art. Today when Donny Long called Foster and recorded their conversation, Foster accused Donny of being a male prostitute for having sex with his wife on webcam. For the past decade, people have told Foster that she is no different from any other sex worker for what she does on webcam and Foster has ALWAYS rebuttaled that it wasn’t factual. Monica Foster has accused people of libel for stating that she is a prostitute for her webcam shows. So why is that Donny is a male hooker and Foster isn’t?

Furthermore, this website and TRPWL have both exposed the truth that Foster has a history of prostitution with her hooking ads in Las Vegas and her post on the erotic review.

Foster’s double standards and hypocrisy is as noticeable as the mole on Cindy Crawford’s jaw.

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