Monica Foster Draws the Line: “The UAWA is the ONLY viable option”

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from – Over the past 5 years, I have matured substantially. Though on many occasions I’ve been quick to negatively react in the past, I now have attained a level of closure and peace. I see a far greater reason for being, than simply for short sighted immediate gratification. Much of my current state stems from witnessing the first few baby steps of positive change within an industry I was convinced was void of anyone with a conscience.

This website, , is a resource and tool which has assisted many individuals with varying agendas. Pro-porn, anti-porn and porn “neutral” groups alike have all benefited from the work I’ve poured into this endeavor (and my various other websites).

As of current, Rob Zicari aka Rob Black, is attempting to essentially unionize the Los Angeles porn industry by forming the United Adult Workers of America ( ) and I believe that he will succeed. What Zicari is attempting will revolutionize the adult entertainment industry, enrich the lives of the professionals within it and protect the health of many. Zicari has benefited from my work and has thanked me many times over. I’m very appreciative of his gratitude – especially being that I never asked for public acknowledgment.

Rob Zicari, those in his family and the United Adult Workers of America have my full support. The UAWA is the ONLY viable option for the legal continuation of the Los Angeles porn industry at this stage – it’s that simple.

In addition, as of this weekend, I received an apology from someone who need not be named. This particular individual is someone who I despise – yet I have decided to forgive him. Primarily for the sake of making peace, but also for what I believe to be a greater good – which leads me to my point…

Today I’m drawing the line. Over the past 3 years I, my family members and others I care for and respect have been targeted by certain individuals attached to the Los Angeles porn industry. As of today – the attacks cease.

The core reason that the adult entertainment industry (specifically the Los Angeles porn industry) has the reputation of which it does, is due to a vast majority within it not being reasonable, rational, honorable or professional. It’s a given that for the most part the Los Angeles porn industry is comprised of criminals – however the BEST criminals DO live by a certain code.

It’s time for many of you who want a brighter future (and a future at all) to realize many of those you view as your “leaders”, have the agenda of setting you up for failure. Those who claim to represent you to our government are not looking out for your best interest – they are looking out for THEIR OWN BANK ACCOUNTS. Don’t let those who unjustly established themselves as your “leaders” over the past few years sabotage your future.

It’s time for many of you reading this to face reality – and that reality is that I’ve been made to be a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON (whether you want to admit it or not). At this stage, my presence and opinion is integral for many individual’s continued professional survival. Considering what I’ve spoken out in regards to (organized crime), I technically should be dead – but I’m not (and that should give you a clue as to things not being exactly as they seem).

My question to Los Angeles porn industry “professionals” is: Who wants to survive and who does not? I am not willing to support, help or work with ANYONE attached those who continue to attack myself, family, friends or associates from this day forth. If that means certain compromises and agreements I’ve made need to be retracted – so be it.

Contrary to the lies and propaganda, I’m very easy to deal with (and am actually quite pleasant to be around), so don’t be shy. I’m only an email, tweet, phone call or text message away.

In closing, I will not tolerate any more games. Rather than letting a few bad apples spoil the bunch, I suggest you take a look at your peers, and decide whether or not you share the same vision of the future.

To all, I wish you the best and hopefully now, we are clear.

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