Monica Foster, “Everyone is involved with Sex Trafficking”

Everyone has noticed that Monica Foster accuses everyone that she doesn’t like of being a sex trafficker?

Foster and Foxx both have totally disrespected the women and children who are real victims of sex trafficking with their idiotic preaching.

A person who willfully commits a sin can not blame the devil because even though he is the father of sin, he never forces anyone to sin, people sin WILLFULLY! A person who chooses to become a sex worker can not play victim because they chose to do it, like Foster & Foxx & even Shelly Lubben have all done.

Foster had recently tweeted that Trump’s wife is a victim of sex trafficking just because she’s married to him. So does this mean that when Foster lives with one of her johns, she’s a victim of sex trafficking? We seen her ads for a sugar daddy and wanting to be a live-in girlfriend! Of course Foster does in fact claim to be a victim of sex trafficking.

What a fucking retard!!!

Of course after 8 years of preaching this stupid shit, no one of any importance will give any light to her. Even Desi Foxx told her that, lmao.

You can’t be a victim of sex trafficking when you willing participate and when YOU are the one who decides to sell yourself. SHE chose to do porn. Nobody MADE her. She could have just as easily gotten a job at McDonald’s. But in the end, SHE decided to sell her body for money.

She likes to play the victim but the reality is, nobody forced her to do anything. She made those decisions. She can go right now and get a job at any fast food restaurant or fuck, even as a waitress to make money. But instead she would rather sit around on her computer crying I AM A VICTIM.


Because she fucking lazy and wants a handout. What she needs to do is get off of her fat lazy ass and get a fucking job and shut her fucking lying mouth.




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