Monica Foster has now targeted Kandace Kayne for stalking and bullying

Monica Foster has taken a line from Glen Close’s character in “Fatal Attraction” by stating that she will not be ignored. Just a couple of days ago, Monica Foster tweeted Kandace Kayne from her @monicafoster account after reading the most recent blog about Kandace on this website.

Foster spent a few hours on Twitter today, basically taking NO for an answer, and harassed and bullied Kandace non-stop! Monica Foster, who professes to be a Christian yet everything that she does goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ, proved once again that she is indeed a stalker who demands attention.

Kandace took offense and became really annoyed with Foster after blocking her one account. Foster falsely accused Kandace of being an illegal prostitute and a sex trafficking victim. As we all know, has documented Foster’s hypocrisy when they discovered her illegal prostitution ads. Since then, Foster has done all that she could to make sure that she doesn’t get outed again for prostiuting herself illegally.

Let’s say that just for the sake of argument that Kandace is a victim, Monica Foster didn’t help at all by bullying and harassing her for an answer after being blocked and told that it wasn’t any of her business. Monica Foster has proven Desi Foxx right in which she stated that Foster stalks and bullies women who are Victims. Foster just needed to know if Kandace consented for TLC to use her images. What does it matter? Foster uses EVERYONES images, including Kandace and so many others without their consent. That’s why Foster builds her websites on foreign hosting sites so that they won’t be taken down for violating DMCA, what a fucking hypocrite.

Well Foster got her answer from Kandace after bullying and harassing her non-stop. This wouldn’t hold up in court, nor with law enforcement, nor with professional journalists because Kandace gave the answer in duress. As you can see with these screen capped tweets, Foster truly had no respect for Kandace because she just wanted to capitalize on the situation to get attention for herself.

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