Monica Foster is DONE on Youtube, no videos in a week!

In an unprecedented move, Monica Foster has stopped posting Youtube videos in light of what happened in court last week. It looks like the end of the line for her Youtube career although disappointingly, her web sites and social media pages have been allowed to stay and she will now sink $500,000 in debt. Sad but we think the judge sent a stern message that if she does get back on social media and starts harassing people, she will be headed straight for the slammer.

She has also locked down all her Twitter feeds which allows her and her fan bois to have a little party badmouthing all the people they shouldn’t be talking about but Foster and her cronies are all like cockroaches, hiding in the dark and afraid the light is going to get turned on and force them to scurry their black asses back into hiding. She may as well be living in a cave for the rest of her life. IT’S OVER!


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