Monica Foster is genetically challenged

Monica Foster

Monica Foster’s genes can’t get any worse. Luckily there will be no one after her as she is almost 40 and there is no chance of her ever getting knocked up now. That ship sailed. She blew it. She aimed too high for too long and now it’s too late. But how bad can one’s genes get when they are born to a homosexual man that never even wanted to get married in the first place? She should never have been born. Her dad left when she was a teen because he couldn’t stand it anymore. She is so undateable that her loser porn camera man boyfriend dropped her. So undateable that a fat and balding mountain man that is 10 years older than her that has many kids by many black women didn’t want her – after he made advances at her years ago he now is completely repulsed by her, as everyone is. Good luck Buckwheat, you need it.



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  1. Funny thing is that Foster is so genetically challenged, her looks were never good enough to get an attorney to represent her pro bono. Her looks nor her vagina is able to get a guy to beat my ass either!

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