Monica Foster is going to KILL US ALL! Oooooooh!

Doesn’t she learn? $166,600 isn’t enough hell for you to pay? That’s a house or an investment fund or a hell of a lot of travel and all you have to show for it is that you called an innocent housewife and mother a name. You are an idiot!

Stop this white supremacy bullshit, everyone knows whites have to walk on egg shells to try to keep from getting accused of racism from blacks, it is blacks like Monica that are ALL about race. They thrive playing that victim card. She uses this shit as a crutch. Get over it.

Alexandra Mayers @MonicaFoster  You see my #black skin & you see my blazing eyes. I make you nervous cause you know when I come over, it’s OVER. I know where you live.

Come over for what? You are too cowardly to stand before a judge you aren’t going to do anything physically to anyone. Just stop.

This woman is more racist against blacks than any white she has ever encountered. She won’t even date blacks. Look at how she uses the “N-word.”

Alexandra Mayers @MonicaFoster More Trust me when I say, if I have to run your house “niggaz” (who are often the foot soldiers of my enemies children) into the ground – I WILL.

Stop this now. If you kill or harm anyone you will again be sued and you will lose. This time you WILL do jail time. Go get laid by your internet man and get off the net, loser, all it has done is gotten you in trouble.

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