Monica Foster is in hiding – trying to avoid being served!

Monica Foster

It won’t be a surprise to anyone that Monica Foster is now in hiding, using her mother’s address in Florida as her own, despite the fact that she doesn’t live there in an attempt to avoid being served.

Do you know what Monica Foster really lives?

Let us know!

If we can find this bitch we may be able to shut her up for good with a strong criminal and civil complaint against her.

The catch is, she has to be found to be served.

Let us know where this bitch is hiding.



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  1. She can bet served via publication. Under civil law, if a person is evading being served or can not be found, the Plaintiff can request through the court that the defendant can be served via publication. Service via publication includes the summons being published in a newspaper or some other printed media.

    If Mike South were truly trying to get Sean Tompkins served, he could request that the court do this.

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