Monica Foster is making up LIES about Andy San Dimas

In an act of desperation, Monica Foster is trying to bring some credibility to herself by posting lies about Andy San Dimas.

According to Fostard, a person by the name of Brock Smith had emailed her because he was worried about Andy and no one has heard from her in days. Foster posted the email, which turned out be a fake that she made, and it mentioned Mark Spiegler.

How do we know that Foster is making this up? The entire porn industry doesn’t like her and they never did even when she was a performer. Everyone knows that Foster is a hypocrite and a liar. Furthermore, why would this fictional character, Brock, email Foster and ask her if she knew where Andy San Dimas is located? A true friend of Andy San Dimas, a former Speigler Girl, would be well aware that Monica Foster is a psycho. Especially when this last week, Monica Foster stalked & bullied two sex workers who are crying rape.

Another thing, why didn’t Foster rage Andy’s Twitter account? Foster tags everyone else when she talks about them. Does Foster know what Andy’s Twitter account is? I thought Google was your Friends, FOSTARD?! You could have Googled it and found it.

Nice try, Fostard!

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