Monica Foster is now badmouthing Serenity Haze

First off, we all know that Serenity Haze is a lying piece of shit who was bad mouthing Pierre Goodman and spreading lies that he raped her and tried to use some BS video tape to prove it!

Monica Foster wanted to do an interview regarding Serenity Haze’s BS allegations. Serenity not only declined, but ignored Foster. Foster and Foxx did a video commentary about this story without having any facts. Not too long ago, Foster wrote a bullshit blog about how she got the cops involved in this situation. Foster said that she wrote a police report and had gotten a detective involved to investigate. This was just another one of Foster’s bullshit LIES in which she is unable to provide any evidence that proves that she went to the police.

Just today, Foster spent her Saturday talking shit on Twitter and attacking Bobbi Dylan about more bullshit that Foster has no idea what is going on, but can’t prove shit. Foster made mention about how she got help for Serenity Haze, but Serenity declined because Foster was the wrong race.

Now Foster is letting her anger show towards Serenity Haze for not doing an interview with her and for ignoring her. Just another Saturday in which Foster had no friends, no man, no life, doesn’t want to make money, just stay on the computer and beg for attention.


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