Monica Foster Issues Stern Warning: Approach Me And I Will Fight Back!

Monica Foster

Things are getting heated for Monica Foster. $167,000 in debt and all her past secrets being exposed and outed is making her a bit nervous. Right now she’s holed up somewhere in hiding, being funded by some piece of shit in probably the same way the head of black lies matter is being shielded and funded by some Jew billionaire, but she reads our site regularly.


This is what she had to say over social media lately about all the attention she receives:

5QVUfy7U.jpg large

Note the picture above that shows her beer belly. What “means” will she use to defend herself? She smokes, is fat and small. She doesn’t have the stamina to protect herself in an attack. Of course she will claim this is a threat but we here at would never approach her or anyone. We’re “investigative bloggers,” just like her. She isn’t worth the trouble but that doesn’t mean we won’t sit back and enjoy watching her look over her shoulder for the rest of her miserable life. 😀


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