Monica Foster keeps repeating that she’s attractive – BUT…

Attractive women just go about their business and be attractive, they don’t need to constantly remind themselves and everyone of it and log onto social media and insist that everyone accept that they’re attractive. This is where Monica Foster falls short. If you’re attractive, why shove it down people’s throats and insist that they accept you as attractive? Looks are highly subjective and like it or not, many people do not think that you’re attractive especially when you go out of your way to look unattractive and unfeminine and when you are ugly on the inside. Deal with that.

Rare photo with her clothes on which is part of the problem and we’ll get to that but what is she trying to pull off with the giant glasses? They make her look 10-15 years older and why would she try to cover half her face if she was attractive? We get that’s she’s poor and can’t afford contacts but why not wear glasses that are more stylish? Our associates that have seen her in public have mentioned how hideous she looks in the glasses. They just aren’t working. Change your style.

The above photo is just gross. This is a woman that has given up and even other black women on Twitter have said this. They have mentioned that she would look better even shaving her head bald rather than whatever look she’s going for in the above picture. Not to mention at age 38 taking selfies of yourself and posting them online is a huge turn off and is very unattractive and immature.

The photo above gets to the nitty gritty of the matter. This woman is gross to have performed acts like this. Who wants to come within 10 feet of someone who admittedly has herpes and who knows what else with all the unprotected sex that she has had on camera much less off camera with all the johns she has seen.

And as we saw in our pinned article on top of this site, she is extremely ugly and racist on the inside and any attractiveness that she claims to have on the outside is cancelled out by this behavior. Women far more attractive than her have turned ugly the second they have opened their mouths. And folks, there is something very depressing about a 38 year old blown out ex porn performer that lives with her mother taking selfies of herself and insisting that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and that everyone needs to accept it. The priorities are out of wack. The ship has sailed. Forget for a second than a large part of the population does not consider black women to be attractive and consider all the other points we brought you in this article. I guess if she repeats it enough, it will happen. Maybe she can keep hoping for Matthew Holder‘s return and hope he leave his wife and kid for her.

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