Monica Foster looks like SHIT!!!

For years, Monica Foster has always been very negative when it comes to people and their physical appearance. Being cross-eyed will cause you to be like that. Foster told Donny over the phone that she loves beautiful people; HOWEVER, Foster isn’t loved by them. If you really pay attention to the kind of men on social media who praises Foster for her looks, these men are old and fat and not appealing to most women.

During her time in porn, Monica Foster was never hired to fuck men who were considered to be studs! Why? Because it wouldn’t be believable that a stud would want someone as unattractive as she is. On this website, we have proven that Monica Foster was never paired with studs because of her lack of sex appeal. Another factor is the fact that she was unable to produce a fan base such as performers Asa Akira and Nikki Benz. Despite all these facts, Foster blames racism!

So here you go folks, the cross-eyed, racist, nappy hair, sagging tits, over-weight, failed sex worker, with her self proclaimed flawless and attractive body! She looks like she’s about 50! Even Christy Brinkley looks younger than her!


IMG_1266 IMG_1265


  1. I know black women who wouldn’t be caught dead looking that, especially with their hair! That’s something that ghetto trash type of girls do, especially when they have no pride in themselves. Yet she keeps putting it out that it’s being black and natural! No man in his right mind would want to touch a woman who looks like shit!

  2. She is the whitest black person I have ever seen. She should stop trying so hard to be down with her brothers and sisters. She is an uncle tom sellout that prefers white men. She talks and acts like she’s white. She is a fraud.

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