Monica Foster Mayers weeklong Tweeting binge continues into the weekend

As we approach the weekend, Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers continues her epic Twitter weeklong rant. This has been one for the ages.

She continues snapping low-light selfies even as she balloons in weight. If she spent time at the gym and less on Twitter, she wouldn’t be headed for diabetes, heart attack or stroke but she has made her choices. She posted the following photo and claimed that she has never had any work done and we are glad because if she had, she needs a refund from that doctor.

She is telling her audience that she is happy in her life and expects them to buy it. Folks, she watches too much TV and expects a wealthy, good looking man to save her from her misery but that has not happened as her expectations are way too high. If she would have dialed it down, she wouldn’t have lost Matt Holder and maybe could have had some kind of a life. It was not to be. Way too many requirements and way too entitled and now that ship has sailed forever.

We have also learned that Foster/Mayers is an Amazon Prime member and Marc Randazza should be altered of this. She simply should not be purchasing luxuries when she is so far in debt. She mentioned that she is not available as an escort but maybe she should do this as it is the only job she will ever be able to find with her background. Then again, we saw the public reaction to her appearance on The Erotic Review and it was not a good one as she was not well received by the “hobbysists” on the site.

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