Monica Foster “Names names” (Of children) in wild Sunday afternoon Tweeting binge

While everyone is out enjoying their Sunday, Monica Foster continues to take out her anger and depression on innocent parties, in today’s case it was TFPWL Sean Tompkins’ kids. Now, we are no fans of  Tompkins as he is an absolute no one in porn. He simply kissed asses and fell backwards into the media aspect of this dying business and there you go. He is so unprofessional that he uses his press credentials to the AVN to challenge his internet foes to fights on the trade show floor. When his adversaries wisely decline (Because unlike him, they act like they are over age 10) he takes to Twitter to pound his chest and proudly announce that everyone is afraid of him.

With that said, what Monica Foster did today is unacceptable. Posting the names of 3 of Tompkins kids and calling them the “N word” (Who’s the real racist, Monica?) is behavior that will eventually get her roughed up or tossed in jail and that is what she wants. We believe if she ever faces a jail sentence, she will take the easy way out and off herself as without social media she simply has no purpose in life. At any rate. GET A LIFE!

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