Monica Foster Needs to follow her own advice

Foster was on another Twitter night rampage talking stupid shit as usual! She was drunk and was venting because she’s possessed with negativity, hate, and jealousy.

Last night, Foster said that you should make sure that what you’re doing is legal so that the cops can help you. Is this why Foster will never go to the cops for help? Because she knows that they’ll investigate her as well as whoever she reports? Foster has created dozens of fake Twitter accounts to harass people, she cyber bullies people on her websites & the and other sites that can be traced to her, she violates DMCA/copyright laws, she harasses people’s families, she violated the protection order that the Randazza’s had on her on a daily basis, and she also has recently violated her court mediation agreement with Tristan Stadtmuller by tweeting him directly from her fake account(s).

Yes, Foster will NEVER EVER get the cops on anyone because she knows that they’ll investigate her as well and Foster had been violating both civil and criminal laws. She says that she files FBI reports and police reports against people, most recently with Serenity Haze, but we all know that Foster is unable to provide any official reports and any identification of the police and FBI who took the report.

We’re all still waiting, Fostard!




  1. It was well known – and people had the ads to prove it – That Monica Foster was hooking in Vegas for $140/hr at one time and the number in the ads was her old Los Angeles number. So basically, the number in the ads proved it was true even as she denied it. How would someone get er phone number to post in those ads? Now, whether or not she’s still hooking is unknown but in light of her current sexual health issues, I am sure she has retired as she could go to jail if she infects anyone. One thing she fears is jail as she would lose her ability to cause chaos online.

    • That’s why Monica Foster will never get the cops on me nor anyone else, despite her stupid shit in saying that everything that she wrote about me is true and factual. She’s accused me of all kinds of criminal activity that could get me life in prison if it were all true, which non of it is. Foster will never get the cops on me because she knows that they’ll investigate her also. I’ll show the cops her fake Twitter accounts that she used to harass me, her death threats over the years, her hooking ads, etc and that’ll put her in deep shot with the cops. I’ll also show them her websites with how she cyberbullies people and shit.

      Foster had the chance to stand in front of a judge with me back in January of this year. She had the chance to show him ALL of her blogs on me and all her bullshit evidence that she has on me. If all her bullshot writing on me were true, the judge could have had me arrested right then and there. Foster fucked up by not appearing and to this day, she won’t talk about why she didn’t appear. She declined going to MEDIATION then, but she didn’t decline to go back in May instead of wanting to go before a judge.

      She keeps fucking herself over and discrediting herself. No one else is doing it for her. I read old blogs about her on and the comments that people had to say about her. She never had any respect.

  2. Someone had told me that Foster wrote a blog about me on her ripoff website in which she once again falsely accused me of being involved with illegal prostitution and being a Twitter stalker. Once again, if any of that were true, why didn’t she appear in front of a judge with me back in January of this year?

    Two years go by and Foster keeps falsely accusing me of that shit. Not once did she ever take it to the police nor the FBI. She refuses to remove her blog in which she claims that she did file a complaint with the FBI against her, but here’s the thing, the FBI gives you a copy of the complaint just like the police gives you a copy of the report that you filed. So let me ask you this, where is the copy of that FBI COMPLAINT, FOSTER? This is a question that she’ll evade to answer in the time ahead.

    Karma is going to be a major bitch with her!!!

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