Monica Foster now kissing Mike South’s ass

After attacking Mike South all because he posted an ad from Marc Randazza, Monica Foster went off on South by accusing him of being a sex trafficker, pimp, and other things. South threatened Foster with a lawsuit if she continued. After her falling out with South, Foster and Foxx then had a public falling out. Since all this, Foster has pretty much been alone.

Just recently, Mike South did a blog about a former make talent from ATMLA who had some really nasty things to say about the owner. To everyone’s surprise, Foster logged into her account on South’s website and posted a comment which seemed to show support for South.

Remember when Foxx and Foster had a falling out all because Foster cried about Desi using her images without her permission? Not too long afterward, Foster was kissing Desi’s ass by praising her. Now Foster is kissing South’s ass!

Monica Foster is truly a lowlife without any kind of ethics or anything else. Kiss his South’s ass, Fostard, we all need a good laugh because you keep proving how pathetic you are. I wish that South would do the right thing and prevent you from leaving anymore comments on his website. It’s a well known fact that Foster deletes and prevents people that she attacks from leaving any comments on her websites when they defend themselves and talk shit to her for defaming them.

Monica Foster is a fucking coward without any friends and has to kiss ass to try and get people to support her. What a fucking loser! Not to mention that Foster is kissing South’s ass in Labor Day weekend instead of having a good time in Vegas.




  1. Tristan Stadtmuller
    You are one sorry ass mother fucker. Yeah thats right you fucking piece of shit
    Here I am trying to come to a resolve that benefits so many.
    But nooo here comes a dooche bag fucking things up.

    To have this woman’s family and sister who does not have anything to do with any of this is sad.
    Stay tuned
    Maybe its time to buy this fucking site and make you a daily poster child.
    It wont be my fist rodeo

  2. WAIT A MINUTE DAVE! First off Monica deserves nothing and you keep forgetting dealing with her you are not dealing with a normal sane person and for sure not someone you can trust. SHE ALWAYS GOES BACK ON HER AGREEMENTS JUST LIKE SHE DID WITH DONNY AND TRISTAN ALSO.

    Second her family is all game as everyone elses family is game when she attacks.

    Third Tristan has done nothing wrong and deserves a pat on the back for keeping Foster on her toes and doesnt deserve being threatened for it.

    Remember Foster is a faghag and a whore which makes her a double liar, Wait, her father is a faggot so that makes her a triple liar. She is a mental nutcase.

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