Monica Foster Now Writing Love Letters To Herself And Posting Them On Her Shitty Blog

Monica Foster

So, this could be a new low for Monica Foster aka Monica Dumpster. She is now writing fan appreciation letters to herself and posting them on her shitty blog and expecting people to believe she’s actually got “fans” writing this shit to her. Now, there are a shitload of idiotic fan bois out there but someone would really have to have their head wedged far up their ass to not know why this cunt gets shit. She dishes shit out and people return the favor. Kind of how life works. Kick the bull, you get the horns jammed right up your ass. To expect otherwise would be naive.


Fucking moron, when this cunt slanders and libels people and tries to wreck their livelihoods because she’s a bitter, lonely cunt with zero life, people will have an axe to grind with her. She tries to “Help” people in the same manner that fucking queer Christian Wians tries to help people. If you can do something for him, he will listen, otherwise, he has no use for you. Foster is the same way. She’ll befriend anyone that goes along with her shit but eventually she will turn on them. But why are we acting like some fan wrote this letter. She wrote it and tried to pass it off as some moron giving her support. Get a few retweets here and there from your “13,000 followers” and maybe it would be believable that someone would write you a love letter. Until that time…


    • Yeah, and anyone that Googles her will see the truth about her and it’s over. Churches will accept her because they just want people’s money but she’s not able to make any friends or boyfriends at this point. That ship sailed. Google Alexandra Mayers and you will see.

  1. First off, Monica Foster needs to get help with her alcoholism and drugs. She also needs to move on in life and leave the porn biz alone and stop obsessing over people. When Foster can give all this up, then she can actually start making friends. I can’t imagine someone hanging out with her and she gets drunk and goes on a meltdown of crying about the porn biz! That’ll ruin the whole night. She also needs to get a job so that she can help go half on the time out with friends.

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