Monica Foster posting on KiwiFags!

Monica Foster continues to prove how right we all are about her! She’s possessed by hate and jealousy and she’s 100% sociopath. She’s unable to learn from her loss against Randazza and move on in life to try and better herself, try and strengthen her relationship with her family, get a job, etc.

Monica Foster stopped posting on PWL after they mandated that people can only post with registration. Foster then lost CMW in which she had posted there daily to bully people. Foster burnt her bridge with Desi Foxx & Mike South so she can’t post on their websites anymore.

The question is, why is Foster so obsessed with Tristan Stadtmuller? Is it because he’s done more in life than her? Is it because his family didn’t disown him like Ivan & Joanne did her? Does she have some kind of psychotic sexual attraction for Stadtmuller?

Bottom line is that Foster can’t move on in life and all she’ll continue to do is go from website to website harassing and bullying people. She’ll never get the cops involved (FYI, filing a police report doesn’t prove anything unless an actual police detective got involved & filing a false police report is a felony which is Foster NEVER followed through with getting a police detective involved. Judge Bare realized this and knew this to be true). Foster is pushing 40 and she keeps getting uglier and uglier. Foster doesn’t have any friends and her social media helps prove that she’s got no life away from Twitter and YouTube. She won’t realize that her life is shitty because it’s all her fault! She failed at everything in her life because it’s her fault! She should just kill herself because no one else will kill her.




  1. Shut up Tristan no one likes you and the only reason why tranny fuckers got pulled is because you went crying to Donny about how people were picking on you because you can never fight your own battles and constantly need other people to fight them.

  2. Tristan is always flooding the sites wanting to congratulate him or get in on his stupid obsessions. No one cares about that loser Monica Foster except for you do you hear me you fat fuck. Speaking of Christian Michael Wians website I remember you posting about how you got your associates degree were you really expecting people to give a shit. You repeat yourself over and over again which tiring. You constantly post things that prove that your borderline retarded. YOU FUCKING SUCK YOUR MOTHER SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION AND THE DOCTOR SHOULD HAVE VACUMED YOU AWAY AND THREW YOU AWAY LIKE THE GARBAGE YOU ARE.

  3. Looks like someone is upset that came down. The author of this blog hit a nerve by mentioning that place cause that site was beloved by trolls who turned it into an anti-PWL, pro-Gay Mafia shithole within short order. It was a sad time because that was the original PWL. Thankfully it came down and couldn’t be disgraced anymore. Don’t be mad, just start your own forum and see if you can get any traffic.

    • That has nothing to do with why the site is gone. If Donny had control of it why would he shut it? He could just edit the posts he didnt like. He lost control of it due to lost passwords. The domain was overused.

  4. No, didn’t “get pulled by Donny.” Donny lost its password and couldn’t log in and edit and delete all the gay mafia bullshit so it allowed homosexuals to run wild. Foster and Barry Nelson set up shop over there long with many other losers. The reason it got pulled is right at the top of the page if you go over there now. It couldn’t handle the traffic it was getting. That’s why it was moved in the first place back in 2010. Donny actually forgot about the place and didn’t expect a resurgence so he didn’t keep up on his log ins. The right thing happened. That place needed to be put down.

    • Did you see this Tristan even Donny says that it was many, many people running wild at the wians website. Even Donny acknowledges that most people don’t like you.

    • So your acknowledging that you were getting a lot of people coming to that site which was 100% dedicated to trolling Tristan at the end.

      • Look at you now – no more wians forum for you. You were too stupid to use it in moderation and it got tossed offline. Karma for taking it off topic from the tranny fucker and attacking straights. Had you used it moderately maybe you’d still have it. Boo hoo.

    • Foster cries when people make fun of her being cross eyed and looking like a monkey! She cries when people make fun of how unattractive she is!

  5. Poor Foster, she can’t let shit go and get a life and try to better herself! She can’t even stop coming up on this website and see how we keep calling her out on her BS! I wonder what hurts her more, how we keep calling her out on her BS or that she can’t get these pictures of her removed when she cries about it!

    We all know that you’re pissed, Foster, yet you won’t wave the white flag and admit that she’s lost! lol

    Another lonely Saturday night for the cross eyed monkey & her new friends on kiwi fags!!!

    • God your stupid everyone knows it is you Tristan you repeat yourself over and over again so your really easy to spot online. Try and say something different for once and maybe your troll accounts won’t be so easy to spot.

      • You got to prove it, dumbass! Just like Judge Bare ignored Foster’s pleadings because she’s never able to prove jack shit about anyone!

  6. Remember when Foster posted on CMW asking why women like Tristan Stadtmuller? She also posted that he should be hunted down & killed, not to mention that she wanted to kill his dog. If Tristan can’t fight his own battles, why did he appear before a judge when Foster applied for a TPO on him and yet she didn’t have the courage to appear?

  7. The funniest thing about Monica Foster’s time on CMW was when she called people faggots when her own dad is a homosexual. I believe that she has a deep hatred for her father for bringing her into the world. She has an identity crisis. She wonders every day why she was born.

    • Yeah, just like Eddie Dzial is “Taking over” this site when all his shit gets edited or deleted. Keep it up. All your “work” can be wiped out within seconds. You got away with it on cwians because Donny lost the passwords. No such luck here.

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