Monica Foster posts SHOCKING picture on social media, looking beat up, run down, old and BEATEN!

Monica Foster

Monica Foster posted a very telling picture on Twitter recently that shows her looking beat up, worn down and worn out and looking very much worse for the wear with all the drama and problems that she has brought on herself. It appears that she no longer looks after herself, her hair is now in a rat’s nest, bags are under her eyes and her attire appears as if it has come from Goodwill or The Salvation Army. And still she continues fighting people that she can never beat and losing badly, which takes a toll on her health and appearance. A sad state of affairs for Ms. Mayers.


Meanwhile, Matthew Holder, her former sexual liaison, gets better and better looking (We assume, as men age much better than women), probably has streaks of white in his full head of hair by now which makes him look distinguished, he probably has mastered his craft by now, making more money than when he “dated” Foster, and he probably is settling into life as a husband and father. Meanwhile, nothing has changed on the Foster front, except she gets older, angrier and uglier every single day.

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  1. Don’t forget about how Gucci Kardashian PUNKED Foster out! That chick scared Foster so much, that Foster didn’t challenge her to any fight only to MEDIATION! Gucci put her foot down and scared Fostard so much that Fostard didn’t post her blogs or anything about Gucci. Fostard backs down from another black woman quick!

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