Monica Foster Publicly Shames Bobbi Dylan

Monica Foster continues to prove that she is a disgusting human being who only cares about herself. Bobbi Dylan, who is an alleged victim of a sexual assault, was harassed by Monica Foster this past weekend. Foster spent her Saturday demanding answers of this situation. Bobbi did the right thing by not responding to Foster and blocked her. Foster wrote another shitty blog, instead of looking for a job, about Bobbi Dylan and her alleged assault without any facts to support her. Foster has also violated DMCA by using Bobbi’s images without her consent, as she does with everyone else.

Monica Foster, the self proclaimed porn police, has once again proven that she has no skills and no knowledge of what it takes to be a journalist. Foster has publicly SHAMED this alleged victim by releasing her identity, without her consent. Foster is a selfish bitch who doesn’t care about anyone else but herself. Foster’s recent blog about Bobbi Dylan was done out of spite because Bobbi did the right thing by IGNORING Fostard!

Monica Foster doesn’t give a rats ass about people’s rights, their privacy, facts about anything, and she doesn’t give a shit about protecting a victim of an alleged sexual assault. Monica Foster only cares about two things that combines as one, Foster only cares about ruining people’s lives just so that she can bring attention to herself! She is a worthless piece of shit!

Even Desi Foxx tweeted that Foster STALKS victims and SHAMES them.

Funny thing about this is that Fostard tweeted Michelle Obama and won’t accept the fact that the Obama’s don’t pay her any attention.

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