Monica Foster self proclaims to be a California 9!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Monica Foster FAILED at making a good living off of her body! This picture is from when she was still a struggling porn actress getting paid only a couple of hundred dollars for unprotected sex scenes. Foster is a good example of how the porn industry has lowered it standards with women when, in the past, the demand was that women had to be hot and look like potential movie stars.

Monica Foster always boast about how she’s attractive, she’s a California 9, and she thinks that she has the right to make fun of people for their physical appearance. Well, this is her without all of the makeup, photoshop, etc!

Who in the hell would want to pay big money for this? Who would want to wake up to this every morning? Certainly not Matt Holder!!!

All Foster can attract is ghetto trash men and obese loser men! That’s why she’s 37 and still single without any kids, she needs to lower her standards and realize that she’s not good enough for Prince Charming!


Monica Foster

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