Monica Foster shaves yet one more year off her age on Streamate

As everyone else gets older and older apparently Monica Foster keeps getting younger, this according to her profile. Now 38 years old, Foster lies her age by half a decade, claiming to be just 33 years of age. Last year at this time when she was 37, her Streamate profile claimed she was 3 years younger than that at age 34. Apparently what she is doing is shaving years off her age the older she gets which is something we predicted she would do as she is obsessed with youth and ashamed of her age. For years she chastised porn professionals who were aged 40 and above and now that he approaches that age she is hating life. This is a woman that claimed that she doesn’t cam anymore and doesn’t use the name Monica Foster in any way – Both lies. Now as her weight creeps up, the age she tells people creeps downward but we will spread the word about this. We are not sure why people lie about their age especially someone like Foster that claims to be concerned with keeping young people out of XXX endeavors.



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