Monica Foster Should Put A Bullet In Her Head

Monica Foster

Let’s face it folks, Monica Foster is a miserable, nasty, rotten human being that serves absolutely zero purpose in this world. In addition to failing at everything, she is estranged from her family and doesn’t even know her young nephew. There is absolutely nothing that keeps her waking up every day except spite. If she kills herself, she believes that her enemies would win. It is true that we would all laugh and party if we woke up to a headline of her dying (A headline where, no news outlet including porn news sites would run anything about it) but we would soon forget about her and move on with our lives. So she should stop the charade and just swallow a bullet and do the planet a favor.


Now of course, this miserable creature will claim that this blog is a death threat but SHE is the one that has threatened to kill herself over and over, which, by the way, is a violation of terms on Twitter and perhaps on other social media platforms as well. No threat is being made here, we are simply encouraging Ms. Foster to follow through with HER plans. She has cried wolf many times, just go ahead and get it over with.


Monica Foster is bad at life. She is so bad at life that it’s embarrassing. Bad with money, bad at work, bad at relationships, she’s just not any good at anything. Shit, she’s even bad at sex. In fact, she should never have been born with her homosexual father only having her and her sister as a way to fulfill his sick needs to follow the herd and get married and have kids. When she goes, the world will lose nothing and no one, except perhaps people that hate her, will even notice that she is gone. Even then those people will be relieved for a few days and then just forget about it.


We don’t know where Foster lives and really don’t care but it is clear that she cannot support herself and is living off of someone else which, at age 37 1/2 is just pitiful and sad. She is even perhaps whoring herself out to pay for a place to stay which is just humiliating. However, if she ever did get herself into an apartment like back in the Franklin Parks Hollywood days and she did off herself, it would be one of those situations that she would probably lay there for days with absolutely no one taking notice until the stench from her apartment permeated the complex and neighborhood. Literally no one cares about this woman, not even her family.


Again, what threats? Who here is threatening you? YOU want to kill yourself and have threatened to do it. We’re just saying, go ahead, see what we care, see what anyone cares. There really needs to be a “Thinning of the herd” in this world, this is more apparent now than ever with what goes on every day. We could do with one less pile of shit on this planet. She won’t ever do it because she is a COWARD that can’t even leave her Twitter open to the public much less pull the trigger on a gun.


Things will get worse for this woman if she continues. She is due in court just before her 38th birthday which will start the year off in terrible fashion for her. She will be one more year closer to never being able to be a mother which eats away at her every day. 2017 will be another year without Matt Holder which tears her up inside. Just writing about her life is depressing, there’s really no reason for her to go on. End it now.


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