Monica Foster STILL keeps stalking Matt Holder

Monica Foster

Monica Foster deserves to die and she brought it on herself! She lives in a fantasy land believing that Matt Holder loved her and that they were a couple. The truth is, it was just a one night stand. After 7 years, Holder has been moved on in his life and got married and has a kid. Foster, on the other hand, can’t get it through her head that they will never be together ever again! Foster still gets drunk and tweets about Holder, just like she did the other night. Foster tweeted that she feels bad that she never got to dance with him because she didn’t know how to at the time and that she STILL LOVES HIM! Foster deleted this tweet when she sobered up knowing that it would have been posted on this website. Maybe we have or maybe we don’t. Bottom line is this, Foster has been stalking Holder for the past 7 years and it brings us joy that he’s testifying against her on January 3, 2017! Of course, Foster thinks that Holder LOVES her!!!

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