Monica Foster thinks her IQ is high? LOL!

7 Mar 1998: Outfielder Lenny Dykstra of the Philadelphia Phillies in action during a spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds at the Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport

Blacks have an average IQ of about 85. It would be shocking if Monica Foster cracked this number BUT she claimed tonight that she has a, “Moderate to high IQ.” I mean, let’s just look at the proof:

Too dumb to know that you do not kick an attorney’s family without getting the horns and finds herself now $166,600.00 in legal debts that she has to pay off and that cannot discharge in any way. And SHE’S GOT NO INCOME! Dumb fuck. What will she have to show for it when she is through paying for that? A house? A bigger balance in her retirement account? A Maserati? NOTHING!

Was shocked when she kicked the PWL bull and ended up getting her family “outed.” All they did was went to her web site and saw that the dumb fuck posted (C) Alexandra Mayers on all her nudie photos and they connected the dots and BAM! Family posted on a porn site. People search, dumbass, ever hear of it?

Took a FUCKING PERSONAL CHECK from a well known low life, criminal and scammer in Lenny Dykstra and had it bounce. Here’s the funny part: He is a well known public figure that anyone can Google information about but she didn’t do her homework and screwed him and then got scammed. DUMB. FUCK.

Had her Las Vegas escorting ads outed when she used her old Los Angeles number in the ads – ads where she was whoring herself out for a pittance – $140/hr. Her adversaries connected some dots and figured it out. Dumb fuck thought using a pseudonym in the ads would hide her but she never changed her cell number after fleeing Los Angeles to get away from these people. Idiot.

Had her Hollywood, California address and apartment number outed when the dumbfuck registered her domain using her HOME ADDRESS. This information got posted in the PWL forums and she shat herself and wondered just how someone could have located that information. RETARD!

Posted her Tristan Flower, Henderson, Nevada FULL address publicly over Twitter over and over and over again for all to see one night in a drunken stupor. Later some of her adversaries drove to the street, took a photo and tweeted it out in the open just to taunt her. MORON!

Continues to fight the XXX business despite the fact that her anti-porn campaign over the past several years has not improved her life in any way and in fact has made her life and physical and financial well being much, much worse in many ways.

Plays the good old trusty and reliable race card whenever she gets in over her head and that is something that intelligent blacks simply do not do. It’s a crutch for weak and miserable failures.

Folks, you get the picture. This is not a book smart OR street smart woman. She’s got an IQ of 85 and proves it every day with each and every stupid move she makes. We just can’t wait to see what stupid move she makes next.




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