The anger, frustration and butt hurt in Monica Foster‘s life is strong as she is now threatening sweet and innocent little Thai girl Heather Deep and Heather’s unborn baby. We are talking physical threats to maim and injure and disfigure. This is one angry, violent piece of garbage. Of course, Monica is a complete and utter gutless piece of trash coward that would never meet anyone face to face to make good on such threats but the threats are still very telling.

See Monica is just angry that Donny Long is having a new baby when Monica is barren and can’t ever have kids. At 38 years old it is Goodnight Irene to her chances to ever conceive. All of her enemies have families: Donny Long, the Randazzas, Matt Holder, you name it. Even her dad who is a homosexual somehow managed to pump out a couple of (Piece of shit) kids yet she can’t do it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Photos like the one above must really piss Monica off because it shows people living their lives, having kids, traveling and doing everything that she cannot do. She sits in her mother’s house and eats ribs and sips Colt 45 while creating bad music and barking out physical threats that she could never make happen. She is going nowhere and has been at a stand still since 2009. Where was Heather in 2009? Probably living on a Thai farm. Now she is traveling the world while Monica STILL bitches and moans about the porn industry. How long do you want to cry about it? YOU. SUCK. AT. SEX. That is why you failed at porn. All your lies have done have gotten you sued and put you in debt. YOU. CAN’T. WIN. Get the fuck over it and move on already.

She’s also running around filing police reports and restraining orders to get articles like this to stop. She thinks she is an attorney like Marc Randazza that knows the law and can make things happen. She is not. She is a PUBLIC FIGURE that is fair game to be written about. She is your typical liberal that wants all negative things written about her wiped out. She only wants her side told. Sorry, this is not going to happen. We will keep this up indefinitely. The cops have a job to do and aren’t just sitting around eating donuts and waiting for Alexandra to call. Get a life and stop this shit. This has gone on since 2009 and everyone is sick of it. You are in no danger. YOU are the danger!

She is even losing Twitter followers on her main account. She of course will retain all 13,000 bought and paid for fake followers but that number hasn’t crossed the 14,000 threshold in years and years despite being as high as 13,900 at one time. It now sits at 13,700 and falling. People are simply sick of the whining and negativity. Even her fan bois know she can’t beat porn. Does she think she will run the XXX industry out of business? It isn’t going to happen.



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