Monica Foster threatens to sue Matt Holder

After 7 years of stalking and defaming Matt Holder after their one night stand together, Monica Foster is threatening to sue Matt Holder.

As we all know, Foster has made threats to sue people before, but when it comes time to pony up the money to hire an attorney, Foster sticks her tail in between her legs and backs down because she can’t afford it. How is Foster going to sue Matt when she can’t even afford the court fees? Even if Foster were to sue Holder or even anyone else, all they would do is successfully get the complaint against them tossed out and file a counter complaint against Foster.

Foster hasn’t been able to stop talking about Matt Holder for the past 7 years. A few months ago, she later in bed on a Friday night approximately 11pm and took a picture of her hairy vagina and spoke about Matt and how she’ll NEVER shave for him again.

File a lawsuit, Foster! So then others who are looking for you can have you served!!!



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