Monica Foster To Donny Long: You should be more like Sean Tompkins!

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So, let’s see here, Monica “I care about children” Foster is suggesting Donny Long be more like deadbeat Sean Tompkins, popping out kids they can’t afford and then skipping out on child support before starting a shameful career in porn media and getting the kids outed? How very thoughtful of her. But here’s the problem with this plan:

Donny has done thousands of porn scenes and gotten paid to get laid while Sean, who aspired to be like Donny, could get no further than being a porn gossip site blogger and he is such a hack that he can’t even come up with an original name for his site.

Second, she calls Donny’s sites hate sites but Sean bullies, harasses and outs porn stars and even created a hate site dedicated to shaming Monica’s own father.

What we have here folks is that Monica is either very jealous of Donny or very angry at him. So she claims to be attracted to his biggest enemy. The truth of the matter is that she is fooling no one as,

Sean is bald and she is absolutely disgusted with bald men.
She hates her father but could still never be with a man that created a site for the purpose of shaming her dad. Not because she cares about her dad but because Sean got over on her. She will never forgive him for that.
Sean won’t even take her seriously and ignores her. She has as much chance with that guy as she does of Matthew Paul Holder leaving his wife and kid and returning to her.

Oh, as for Donny being a male whore, SO WHAT! If Sean Tompkins could get his dick to work on camera, he would have done it too. Hell, every guy would. And any guy that can do that is admired by other men. It’s just not the same when a woman does it. This is why Donny is thought of as a porn god while Monica is thought of as a filthy whore. It’s just that way. It’s sort of like her father – No one would think less of him had he gotten divorced and become a sexpat somewhere but the fact that he left his family to be gay, that just doesn’t cut it.


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  1. That’s right, Tompkins even tweeted that he created that website about Foster! Yet Foster endorses him, finds him appealing, and kissing his ass! WOW!!!!

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