Monica Foster to Donny Long: “You WISH you could have me!”

Now this is simply too much. Failed out of porn black mope Monica Foster has been on one of her classic Twitter rampages over the past 24 hours and is now claiming that Donny Long wants a piece of her and she has sprinkled it with the classic race card that she loves so well. Of course we know that she is a huge troll that asks for attention but this run that she is on is an instant classic.

The copious amounts of time she has wasted on these marathon trolling sessions over the years is simply amazing and is why we flirted with the idea of putting her into the Porn Wiki Leaks Hall of Fame before deciding that fag hags have no place there. But her dedication to being a loser is impressive. You have to hand it to her. $166,600 in debt and falling deeper into hopelessness and she still can’t leave it alone. Jail is not far behind but we would then be robbed of many of her late night marathon sessions that we have come to enjoy over the past several years. A good meltdown is always fun.

As we know Donny has been with upwards of 3,000 women on camera, many of them black. Vanessa Long, who is black, was a recent entry into his logbook. So there is nothing Monica has that he has not already experienced. She is black but simply too old, worn out, fat and pathetic to have anything to offer. As we showed you earlier this week, even many years ago on her cam shows before she got fat, she was no great shakes. The customer for this particular show had enough after around 4 or 5 minutes and he bugged out. There is simply nothing she has that can’t be seen with a Google search and it isn’t all that impressive. Vanessa Long who was pulled out of a bar is far cuter, younger, thinner and is a better performer with a better attitude. Monica is an Uncle Tom that would not satisfy the needs of someone looking for a real black woman.




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