Monica Foster to Donny Long: “You’re stuck in the THIRD WORLD and I’m not!”

Donny Long may or may not be in the USA. None of us knows. Donny’s whereabouts have been a hot topic among porn scumbags for many years. There have been rumors but no one has ever been able to get his exact location and what would they ever do with it if they got it? Sean Tompkins, who made a name for himself by stalking Donny starting around 2011, claimed that Donny’s ex-wife spilled the beans on the details of Donny’s life and Tompkins wrote some articles about it but he just made himself look like an American idiot because all he could do is make fun of Donny for driving a scooter (Very common in certain countries) and living in a smallish residence (Also common in many parts of the world as the people tend not to be big fat whales like they are in the US and they take up less space.) So what really came of that? Sean is from one of the fattest states in the US and doesn’t understand how it is in other parts of the world. Now as for Monica:

@XtianPornstar He can’t ever openly establish himself in America again. He’ll remain in the 3rd world where he pretends to be white
What we have here is another American idiot that believes life in her country is great even as her life is one big, steaming pile of horseshit. Yes, she lives in America – In her mother’s house at age 38, is up to her sagging boobs in legal debts to the tune of $166,600.00, has had no relationships with men for 8 or 9 years and will never find respectable employment due to her porn past, legal problems and behavior on social media. Now, we aren’t condoning this because we hope she is forced to work hard manual labor jobs for the rest of her life to pay every penny that she owes BUT if she went to another country she could probably escape the debt and start again. Again, we do not condone this and hope she doesn’t do it BUT there are advantages to living outside America. Many, many advantages. One more ignorant American.
What’s more is that if she intends to stay in the US then she will have to accept her new President and just deal with it for the next 4 years at least. She is about as anti-American as it comes until it comes time to talk about Donny and then she pretends to have it made being in America. Well, we just proved otherwise.

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