Pathological liar Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers is at it again. She has claimed that her world musical tour would start today in Nashville, TN and instead of heavily promoting it via her Twitter accounts she decided to go private and hide the details.

And the details are this: She is in her mother’s house downing hard soda, fried chicken and watermelon and thinking about Matthew Paul Holder, porn cameraman who is enjoying this holiday with his wife and child. There is no tour, no gig in Nashville. Complete hoax. FAKE NEWS!

Folks, you can’t do a tour when you are an unsigned artist with one single song and when no one has ever heard of you. No venue would book such an act much less on a holiday. An open mic night is where Foster needs to be to feel out her audience. Problem is there is no block button in the real world and she can’t take criticism and wants to live in an echo chamber where her fat fan bois kiss her ass and worship her. Not gonna happen but thanks for playing. Should she ever make it big in music, the debtors will be lined up for their share.

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