Monica Foster Victim Shames Women Who Are Real Victims

Monica Foster

Any woman who supports Monica Foster, is a complete moron!

There is no person that has ever befriended Monica Foster where it hasn’t ended badly. Shy Love is about to find that out the hard way. Monica Foster will betray her. Monica Foster will turn on her. It’s only a matter of time.

Don’t even get me started how Desi Foxx supported her despite witnessing all of Foster’s immature and psychotic BS. This weekend, while Monica Foster was sitting at home all alone and being too broke to go out and have fun in Vegas, she spent long hours online and especially Twitter. Foster came across a situation in which another sex worker is crying rape and that she is being stalked, no it’s not that hillbilly meth addict Serenity Haze either.

The name of this sex worker is being withheld out of respect because LEGIT news sources and blogs will respect the identity of an alleged victim, unlike Monica Foster. Monica Foster was trying to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong, as always, and she totally attacked this alleged victim all because she made the right decision in not communicating with Foster and blocked her. Instead of walking away, Foster became angry and has now begun SHAMING this victim. Foster spent the weekend attacking this alleged victim, who’s pictures are on the Luxury Companion, and writing blogs about this alleged victim and announced that she will do a video commentary about her, without having any facts!

Desi Foxx stated not too long ago that one of the reasons why she decided to end her relationship with Monica Foster is because she BETRAYED the confidentiality of a woman who was a victim of an attack and caused her to get fired from a job.

Monica Foster is a self-proclaimed porn police who polices the entire sex industry with which she spent the past decade FAILING to succeed in. Monica Foster has proven that she doesn’t have any respect for anyone, not just those who she attacks like Tristan Stadtmuller and so many others. Foster has no proven to EVERYONE that she doesn’t respect women are victims of a crime. Foster will release their identity and everything else that she has about them for one main goal, so that she can bring attention to herself! Foster’s true motives isn’t nor has it ever been to help others, Foster can’t even help herself with getting a job or anything. All Foster cares about, is getting a few clicks to her shitty blogs, her crappy websites, and her long and very boring YouTube videos.

A true journalist and a person who truly cares about women would respect the identity of an alleged victim of a sex crime. Monica Foster doesn’t care, she just wants attention because her family doesn’t give it to her and she doesn’t have any friends.

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