Monica Foster Wants The Terror To End? Then Shut The Hell Up!

She has been screen capped threatening to kill people because she “Wants the terror to end,” but this stupid little pampered suburban chick can’t handle jail and it would be worse than death for her. She wants it to end? Here’s the solution. Follow these steps to end the ‘terror.’


1. Take the computer and put it to sleep or turn it off.

2. Get up and walk to the door, open it.

3. Walk outside.

It’s as easy as that. This would be a healthy, simple solution and would end her years of misery and suffering at her own hands. Some further steps that she can take to improve her life:

4. Keep computer shut off for several days or a month.

5. Let domains expire.

6. Look for job that does not involve selling your pussy, that avenue hasn’t and won’t work. Time to shut it down.

7. Accept that your campaign has not and will not work, ever, and just move the hell on.

Easy solutions and there is no reason she can’t follow these simple steps to a better life. Killing people will only put her in a worse situation and cause her to be jailed and women in prison would eat her alive. She doesn’t want this, trust me.

The anti-porn crusade has not worked. If everyone that was bitter because they failed in one field spent the rest of their lives trying to get back at people in that industry, there would be a lot more worthless, unproductive assholes in the United States and there’s already enough of these assholes as it is.

She wants to get back at fans and successful people in the industry but nothing has changed. Fans still buy porn and the industry professionals are still making money LIKE DONNY LONG. It has not and will not work. Move on.



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  1. At least Shelley Lubben was able to make a good living, but she’s in the shit now. Foster won’t stop because people like Barry give her attention. All of this is for just one thing with her, attention! I have witnessed Fostard spend long hours on Twitter talking shit to and about people. Those long hours she could have spent it making money or something very productive.

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