Monica Foster Wastes The Days Away While Donny Long Kicks Her WHILE Making Web Site Sales!

Another day of Monica Foster arising at noon and jumping straight into online drama, lies and bullshit and accomplishing NOTHING and then turning around and blaming “THE MAN” for keeping her down. Once again, she has bitten off more than she can chew and decides to dabble with Donny Long but he has kicked her up and down the internet for the past few years and SHE NEVER LEARNS!


While Donny kicks Monica all around, he also web cams and makes sales from his web sites. Who the fuck does she think she’s hurting? Not Donny Long and not Heather Deep. Herself because she wastes time that could be spent doing productive things. The last several years of her life have been like this and now it’s one big haze of wasted time, lawsuits, embarrassment towards her family, exposure of her embarrassing porn scenes, alcohol and drug abuse and failed love life. Why does she do this to herself?


Dumpster trots out the tired “Donny is broke” lies that were started years ago but have been debunked with his PUBLIC web cam success. He has had such success in that area that it made even self proclaimed money and stock guru Christian Wians green with envy. After a failed camming career, Wians declared the camming business dead – Yet Wians and Long work in separate genres – Wians in gay, Long in couples. Maybe the gay genre is just dead. Well, when Wians saw Long and Deep’s 10,000 viewers and loads of tips, he was on the potential money like a Jew on a penny and took to web cam himself with a tranny friend. I guess camming isn’t so dead after all, Chrissy. Foster only cams occasionally and is semi-retired from he biz, not even being able to earn enough to keep a roof over her head. It’s got to burn her ass that Donny has built the successful cam business that she was never capable of building. C’est La Vie.

Look for more of the race and victim card to be played by Foster, who is the internet’s biggest cyber bully, libeler, slander and menace. She’s got a $167,000.00 judgement hanging over her head in a case that deals with her cyber bullying and libeling a respected member of the Las Vegas community. How’s she gonna play the victim card? Just sit down, shut up and take your lumps, whore. Dish it out and get it back 10 fold. Kind of how life works.



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