Monica Foster will NEVER serve Sean Tompkins & Ari Bass

Monica Foster

After the recent phone call between Monica Foster and Donny Long, Foster kept calling him a coward about him being in hiding and evading her getting him served and taken to court. It’s time, once again, to point out how full of shit Foster truly is. First off, Foster is in hiding because she’s evading being served herself from others that she’s attacked and defamed. Foster USED to tweet her address and challenge people to come to her house and say shit to her face, but that all ended when Randazza got her served.

Furthermore, Foster had a chance to stand in front of a judge with Tristan Stadtmuller, another person that she’s harassed for a long time and has falsely accused him of stalking her. Foster was too gutless to appear in front of the judge in court, and if all her bullshit blogs about Stadtmuller were true, the judge could have ordered his arrest right then and there, but Foster knows that she can’t prove any of her blogs which she knows is defamation, and so she chickened out.

Now, for the past SEVERAL YEARS, Foster has been stating that Sean Tompkins and Ari Bass have both been stalking her. For the past several years, Foster hasn’t taken any kind of legal action them nor reported them to the cops or even the FBI, she claims that she did but she is unable to provide any proof as always. Despite the bullshit from Mike South, Sean Tompkins has made his whereabouts very well known. So why won’t Foster have him served and taken to court? Earlier this year, Tompkins traveled to Vegas to provide a deposition for the Randazza legal firm against Foster for the lawsuit against her. Tompkins appears at the AEE/AVN every Januaray, so why won’t Foster have him served and taken to court for stalking or anything else? Ari Bass is local to the Vegas area, as is Foster, and she knows where he lives yet she won’t get him served and taken to court either.

After several years of accusing these two of stalking, Foster won’t take any kind of action against either of them despite the fact that she knows where they’re located. Yet Foster calls Donny a coward and accuses him of hiding from her so that she can take him to court!

Good thing about Foster is, she is a negative minded person and she is unable to think both rationally and logically and yet she expects people to believe her bullshit stories despite all of the major plot holes in them. Foster’s stories have major plot holes in them like in “Jurassic Park” in which the T-Rex pushed the car over the cliff and prior to that, there was no cliff.

Congratulations Foster, you keep kicking yourself!



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