Monica Foster, you’re the fraud

So this nutcase had this to say today:

Sorry to break it to you but Mr. Trump is the President and all your kicking and screaming won’t change that fact. Your little interview with that unknown photographer did absolutely nothing. The current First Lady is by far the most stunning in history. You just turned 38 years old a few weeks ago. Maybe grow up and act like it. Accept reality.

The only fraud here is you for pretending to be a Christian. You have never stepped foot into a church, have dozens of embarrassing hate videos and smut videos of yourself online and have left comments threatening to kill and maim people. You are about as far from Christian as it gets. Your own father breaks one of the biggest rules in the book when it comes to Christianity by allowing himself to be sodomized by other men. You are pretty much the spawn of the devil.

Your man was in office for 8 years and your life is infinitely worse now. You might want to give someone new a try. Or you can continue to fall deeper into the hell you have put yourself into. $167,000 in debt, $500,000 in debt, seems to be very little difference when you’ll never pay any of it off. It could be $50,000 and you’d still be fucked. Shut your hole and get a real job and maybe your life will improve. You may be too far gone now with no reliable transportation, a portfolio of smut splattered all over the web, huge legal debts and a terrible online reputation. You even sucked at sex, your music is trash and your art is garbage. The little Thai girl Heather Deep that you made threats to came onto the scene 7 years after you and has already out-earned you many times over. You suck at life.

Donald J. Trump is the new President. Millions of people overruled you and your sick liberal kind. You in particular should not say a thing about the election as you don’t work nor do you pay taxes or contribute to society much less vote as you have no permanent address. Just shut your hole and let the world spin around you with people’s lives improving and yours getting worse. No one takes you seriously. You are #fakenews. And you will be finished off in of March.


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