Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers #Notmypornstar Celebrates Super Bowl Sunday…ALONE!

It was chicken, watermelon, malt liquor and 2 of her closest friends (Joining her remotely via web stream and one of the viewers was us) for Super Bowl Sunday from her former hometown of Houston, Texas. Basically one more wild and crazy party for Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster #Notmypornstar.

This is quite a departure from the live cam shows of Asianswingerscouple featuring Donny Long, Heather Deep and various black, Asian and Spanish models who could fill Radio City Music Hall with all of their viewers (Somewhere in the 10,000 viewer range per show). At first we felt sad watching a 38 year old single woman stuffing her face with fried chicken alone in a dilapidated room somewhere in the slums of Las Vegas and then we read shit like this and we change our minds.

This shows she has no ambition and is pissed off that no wealthy man wants her but also how much she hates her dad who was born poor in the Bronx. I guess this means that Ivan is rolling in dick now and can have his pick of young men – The type that rejected him in 1960’s New York.

And here we have the classic pedo tweets that fill her timeline. Again, all of this should be forwarded to Judge Rob Bare ahead of the March 9 court date. There is way too much pedo talk without any proof. Did Ivan have his way? Or his she having her way with some poor innocent young person? Keep an eye on her.


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