Monica Foster’s Displays More Hyspocrisy

Monica Foster truly keeps proving how much of a dumbass she is! Foster talks about how she cares about sex workers and their safety, yet she attacks sex workers who are alleged victims of rape and Foster stalks & bullies them to answer her idiotic questions in duress!

Another thing, when Foster was a performer, she was unable to produce a fanbase and so no one wanted to meet her. Foster is saying that porn fans are stalkers, psychos, and etc, how many times at the porn conventions has sex workers been attacked/harassed by fans? Now compare that to how many times performers have got into physical fights with each other and have gotten into other unsafe situations with each other at the conventions?

Monica Foster hasn’t been to a porn convention since she was in the business a decade ago. Her opinions and knowledge of the porn conventions is really mute. Another thing, women go to porn conventions too! Women watch porn too! Women watch it because they love watching the women, they admire the bodies of the performers. When Foster was I the business, even other women never saw her as attractive.

Just tonight, Foster tried to capitalize on Tasha Teign and what she had said about security at conventions. As always, Monica Foster takes what a person tweets and twist it around to suit her own purpose. Foster had tagged Tasha Reign in her post and Tasha put a stop to it! Notice how Foster tagged Tasha, but she didn’t tag Andy San Dimas last night with her fake email that she made.

Poor Foster, she has no friends and no life and no one cares about her. She lives in Vegas and sits at home begging for attention on Twitter instead of going out.



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  1. So in other words, she’s done in XXX entertainment, can’t make any money from it anymore so no one should go to the trade shows and market themselves and network with industry professionals. Fuck her. The adult business isn’t going to stop because some pampered little suburban black chick couldn’t make it. As a fan, I personally have no desire to attend one of these shows but those that are in the business should absolutely go there and network and market their product. They are not in any danger – HELLO – There are people that get paid big bucks to work security at these shows as well as the resorts that will prevent anything from ever happening to these performers while at these events, at least in Las Vegas. Everyone is being watched 24/7 in that town. Only an idiot would attack a performer in that environment. Thinking you’re going to be stalked and attacked everywhere you go will lead you to become like Monica Foster – A middle aged shut in that is afraid to leave the house and needs a “mediator” to hold her hand everywhere she goes. Completely unhealthy way to live life.

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